An important part of staying healthy is physical activity. Before starting and delving into any physical activities or sports that you want to do, you have to research and discover on your own what is recommended for that type of activity. Before going down and getting into it, you have to research what is the recommended for your body type. There are certain terms that is exclusive to physical activity and therefore must be known.


These are some of the questions that you may have when you decide to do a physical activity and under it are the answers that you will need to know.

What does physical activity mean?

Physical activity refers to any bodily movement that is produced by the contractions of the muscles that results in an increase in energy exertion that should be compared to your baseline consumption or the your “before activity” total energy.

What does physical fitness mean?

This terminology refers to the ability of the individual to do activities regularly and on a daily basis with the right energy.

What forms physical fitness?

‘Physical fitness’ or physical efficiency have two categories:

Health-related physical fitness: This term includes your body composition, endurance, muscular strength, your flexibility and cardiorespiratory endurance.

Performance-related physical fitness: This will include and can refer to your speed, agility, power,   coordination, reaction time, and balance.

What does resilience mean?

The term ‘resilience’ is the ability of the body to adapt and react to a certain stimuli. Most of the organs, such as the muscles and the heart, respond to exercise or physical activity. This is evident in how those oragns are changing as seen in its structure functionality as it improves.

What does maximum oxygen consumption mean?

Your maximum oxygen consumption is the maximum rate wherein your oxygen can be extracted, distributed and used when you do your physical activity. Measuring your (MOC) is a vital element because it will allow you to assess the performance of individuals who are trained or also of the people who do physical activity. You have to know that the greater the efficiency of the cardiorespiratory system, the greater the consumption of oxygen is.

Before doing physical activity, what are the recommended checks-ups to do?

A general every 3-month check-up with your doctor is important. But when it comes to physical activities, a sports physician should be consulted in order for you to have a fuller assessment and proper diagnosis. Also, measuring your blood pressure and doing a stress test will be ideal to have whether your heart can endure physical activities without any difficulties.

What does it take to ‘get in shape’?

If you want to get in shape, you have to develop the basic components of physical fitness. These are: strength, flexibility and aerobic capacity. You have to know that in order to get in shape, what your diet is going to be is also a big part of it.

What is the recommended amount of physical activity for your body?

According to international guidelines, the minimum amount of physical activity is approximately 150 minutes of moderate physical activity in a week. If you want a very intense physical activity, 75 minutes a week is recommended.