We all know that, as it is said by a lot of experts and professionals, an essential part of being healthy and staying healthy is doing physical exercise. It could be that this is done on a treadmill at the gym, in your home or outside on a football field. If you are a fitness and sports enthusiast and you’ve been doing physical activities for quite a while now, you might have to know that exercising safely is crucial. It is crucial to know that even the most careful of us can sometimes succumb to injury.


Injuries from sports can be caused by a lot of things. This includes improper warming up, pushing yourself too hard or just simply suffering an accident. When injuries do happen, you’ll have to stay off your feet for a while and rest so your body will have the time to heal. When physical activities or sports are a big element of your life, it is of greatest importance that you’ll recover from injury and return to normal function.

Sports therapy then is important in this paramount time. The aim of sports therapists is to provide care for sport and recreational participants.  Sports therapists help them recover as quickly and fully as possible. On this page we’ll look at what sport therapy is all about and what you should expect when you visit a sports therapist and enlist to a sports therapy.

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What is really sports therapy?

There is often a confusion between the difference of sports therapy and physiotherapy. Although, they both deal with similar health concerns, there are certain differences between them. Sports therapist have and apply principles that is similar with physiotherapy skills. Another common misconception that is seen out there is that the only work of sports therapists is with professional athletes. This is not entirely true. No matter what your occupation is (or your sporting ability, and sport preference), if your injury is sports/exercise related, a sports therapist will be available to help you.

With the use of the principles of sport sciences, the therapy uses a lot of techniques. These techniques such as sports massage will help you to fully rehabilitate and rest to heal those with injuries. These will help you to recover from injuries, a sports therapist will also use their extensive skills to make the most of your performance and support you in your endeavors in sports.

Targeted Television Media can refer to you sports therapists and more information about them. And also according to Targeted Television Media, a sports therapist as professional health care companion should have the following skills and should be able to do the following things below:

  1. They have and utilize principles based from sports and exercise to make the most out of their performance.
  2. They provide fast care for the injuries of participants.
  3. They offer the best and basic support in a recreational, training and/or competitive environment.
  4. They offer, in a sport and exercise context, sport and relaxing massage.
  5. They organize, plan and implement the essential programs for rehabilitation.
  6. They are qualified and graded to refer patients to other medical specialists when it is needed and required.